The Period Project’s mission includes making menstrual products tax-free, more accessible

GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - South Carolina’s list of items that will be sold tax-free this weekend includes everything from cleats to calculators, books to bridal gowns and musical instruments to mattress pads. Though most items students would need at school and for sports are on the list, menstrual products are not.

“These are necessities and their prices are going up,” Stephanie Arnold, co-founder of The Period Project (TPP), told FOX Carolina. “We found out that students miss class when they don’t have them.”

TPP works with corporate partners and others to provide menstrual products to those who cannot afford them. The nonprofit, which was formerly known as the Homeless Period Project, sends boxes of supplies to schools, shelters and community groups that request them.

“We found that many students rely solely on the school nurse for these products every month,” Arnold said. “We also found that nurses are purchasing these products out-of-pocket just so their students can come to class.”

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